1. Financial Analysis: By analysing the data of the company, certain conclusions are prepared about its performance and help in making the numbers better with smart decisions.
  2. Invoice Processing: Validating invoice data and matching up the data with purchase orders. Cash Handling is verified along with the extraction of data from line items and header.
  3. Tax Processing: Preparation and filling of sales tax and payroll tax returns. Reconciling the tax accounts with provision accounts and assets.
  4. Manual Journal Entry Services: Handling the procedure of entering journal transactions in the general ledgers from the manually prepared entries with expertise.
  5. Account Payable Processing: It takes into account a company’s payment process outside the company payroll. They look after the company’s bills and invoices that are legitimate and with accuracy.
  6. Travel & Entertainment Expense accounting: Keeps a keen record of the employees and where and how they are spending the company’s money. It is also made sure that the revenue collected is sufficient to sustain that kind of expense
  7. VAT Returns: A VAT return service at reasonable cost with professional advice who are competent in providing accurate VAT calculations.
  8. Cash Disbursements Processing: Handling the company’s cash payments and account payable with proper documentation with all the cash disbursements made on the company’s financial records.
  9. Sales order processing: keeping the record of all the items being sold every day and compiled report at the end of every month.
  10. Bank Account Reconciliation: Confirming the actual account balance and matching it with corresponding bank account. Errors or any kind of inconsistencies are identified and remedied by the industry experts.
  11. Customer invoicing: Preparing ordered invoice for the customer’s purchase orders.